Join us for a live public Q&A session, where you can get answers to questions you have about how the anti-drag bill currently in legislation for the Commonwealth of Kentucky will affect you and your local community. We are now accepting your questions online!

If you would like us to consider a question for answering during the live public Q&A session, following our presentation, please provide as much of the information below as possible. We will be answering questions on a first come, first serve basis and will allow a question to be asked only once, in order to to accommodate as many requests as possible in the time allowed. Not all questions may be asked and answered during the session.

Please provide us a name to use when we address your question.
If you are or work for a business affected by the bill, please include that name.
Please provide the city or town within the Commonwealth of Kentucky where you reside or conduct business.
Please tell us which pronoun(s) you identify with.
You may ask more than one question, we will attempt to choose one or more questions that have not not already been identified and answered by another participant. Not all questions may be asked and answered during the session.
How would you like us to identify you as a person when asking your question to the panel?